Would you become a criminal if you had a IQ of a 1000?

Around 200 is hypothetically the high-end of I.Q.  There's probably no such thing as an IQ of 1000.

Answer by Craig Berger:

There is no such thing as an IQ of 1000. Most current IQ tests only measure up to about 160 or so, and I doubt even the old Stanford-Binet could register a four figure score. However, let's just say you had the upper limit of human knowledge in math, science and humanities, "Limitless" style. Unless your high IQ is associated with some kind of madness, there is no logical reason to expect you would become a criminal. If your goal is financial, you could almost certainly puzzle out a way to make millions or even billions legally, without risking the consequences of breaking the law. If you're looking for a challenge to your intellect, there are far greater and more rewarding ones than committing crimes, such as ending world hunger, colonizing space, or curing cancer. In fact, I have no data on this, but I suspect that criminal behavior is far more directly correlated with low intelligence than high intelligence.

Would you become a criminal if you had a IQ of a 1000?

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