The Paramount Battle of 6k

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Russia Presents Evidence Against US, UK and Israel As Being the Actual 9/11 Terrorist

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Russia Presents Evidence Against US, UK and Israel As Being the Actual 9/11 Terrorist

9/11: Russia Presents Evidence Against US, UK And Israel Co-Conspirators

Russian 9/11 Data Dump Reveals State Actors

“9/11 was an Anglo-American black operation executed in collusion with Israeli Secret Services and Saudi Arabian financiers.” — 9/11 Investigator

Undoubtedly the 9/11 attacks on New York City and Washington DC are the most misrepresented by officialdom in US history.

Whereas the assassination of John F. Kennedy is now understood to have been a classic CIA Execution Plan, it does not come close to 9/11 in terms of the number and magnitude of outright falsehoods, misleading statements, fake science and fraudulent facts submitted by officials and agents of the US Government.  The ‘official’ 9/11 Commission Report stands as the most fabricated document ever produced by US tax dollars.  Not only did the investigation avoid every serious inquiry about…

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I Love You

April's space

I love you beyond reason
Beyond rhyme
Beyond space
Beyond time
Wherefore art thou
With the walk with Thee
Alst the while
With the walk with me

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Is Trump doing a good job?

Is Trump doing a good job? by Chrys Jordan

Answer by Chrys Jordan:


He is not.

Is Trump doing a good job?

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Playing your best game

Qui Nguyen_edit

Game Theory Optimal Solutions and Poker: A Few Thoughts | PokerNews

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The Mindful Poker Player

Robert Turner Poker


There is not much distinction between an average player and a great player. The average player can do much to improve his mental game. Never underestimate the power of your mind.

Meditation can be very beneficial before you play. I like to meditate at least an hour before the tournament.  This helps me to be in tune with what I want to accomplish.

What I will tell you can help you to prepare for the WSOP in 6 weeks and may even help you become a world champion.

The most important thing is to prepare your mind. Take charge of the mental part of the game to reach your goals. I promise you a well-prepared player is hard to beat.

A negative person can’t beat a positive person who thinks he’s going to win. The one who planned his way to the top will beat the one who is just…

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An Ecology of Assholes


16650454_10154744214150860_1340863937_n photo by Indiana Vatikiotis-Bateson

(This piece has a different tone than most of my work, it is a little bit of satire and grit, and given the times, I think some measure of spunk is needed. Not to be negative, but to avert numbness.) -NB

The world is a beautiful place, full of souls that want only to be loved. Humanity has achieved wondrous feats of elegance, humor, grace and poetic creativity… but there is also the asshole factor. By asshole I mean jerk, I don’t mean murderer. Certainly murderers are assholes, but not all assholes are murderers. With all the name calling and finger pointing right now why not take a minute to apply the axioms of systems thinking and ecological patterning to something closer to home than saving the world. We all know a few assholes, and those that can admit it might confess to having even occasionally joined…

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What are some important, but uncomfortable truths that many people learn when transitioning into adulthood?

Compared to others, certain ethnicities and races (and genders, sexual orientations, and so on) are just plain royally f*cked from the day they’re born (also depending on locale and time period). ⁃ Bad things constantly happen to good people. Good things constantly happen to bad people. ⁃ People are constantly making enormous life decisions (marriage, children, etc) for all of the wrong reasons. ⁃ Often, the most important and consequential moments of our lives (chance encounter, fatal car accident, etc) happen completely at random and seemingly for no good reason. ⁃ Your sense of habitating a fully integrated reality is an illusion, and a privilege. Take the wrong drug, suffer a head injury, or somehow trigger a latent psychotic condition like schizophrenia — and your grip on reality can be severed in an instant. Forever.

Answer by Patrick Mathieson:

  1. Every person is responsible for their own happiness — not their parents, not their boss, not their spouse, not their friends, not their government, not their deity.
  2. One day we will all die, and 999 out of 1,000 people will be remembered by nobody on earth within a hundred years of that date.
  3. Practically all of the best opportunities (in business, in romance, etc) are only offered to people who already have more than they need.
  4. The idea that you will be happy after you make X amount of dollars is almost certainly an illusion.
  5. The idea that you will be happy after you meet [some amazing person] is almost certainly an illusion.
  6. For most people, death is pretty messy and uncomfortable.
  7. When you don’t possess leverage (go look up “BATNA“), people will take advantage of you, whether they mean to or not.
  8. Almost everybody is making it up as they go along. Also, many (most?) people are incompetent at their jobs.
  9. When talking about their background and accomplishments, almost everybody is continually overstating their abilities, impact, relevance, and contributions.
  10. Physical beauty decays.
  11. Compared to others, certain ethnicities and races (and genders, and sexual orientations, and so on) are just plain royally f*cked from the day they’re born. [EDIT: depending on locale & time period]
  12. Bad things constantly happen to good people. Good things constantly happen to bad people.
  13. Very few people will ever give you 100% candid, honest feedback.
  14. People are constantly making enormous life decisions (marriage, children, etc) for all of the wrong reasons.
  15. Certain people — some of whom are in positions of enormous power — just do not give a damn about other human beings.
  16. Often, the most important and consequential moments of our lives (chance encounter, fatal car accident, etc) happen completely at random and seemingly for no good reason.
  17. Your sense of habitating a fully integrated reality is an illusion, and a privilege. Take the wrong drug, suffer a head injury, or somehow trigger a latent psychotic condition like schizophrenia — and your grip on reality can be severed in an instant. Forever.

Yet, despite all that not-so-good-ness, overall life is pretty damn rad. And we’re lucky to get to participate in it.

What are some important, but uncomfortable truths that many people learn when transitioning into adulthood?

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Has the US ever been so divided in modern times? Is it going to get worse?

In the US and in several other nations, we seem to be sliding back to a socio-political-industrial-military situation that is similar to the Gilded Age of the late 19th century. Vast income inequality, nasty divisive partisan politics, chest-thumping nationalism, military buildups and adventurism, and a backlash against immigrants.

via Robert Tercek via Quora

Answer by Murray Godfrey:

I think we’re descending back into a more technologically advanced & more comfortable version of the situation that existed in the late 19th century, better known of as the “Gilded Age.” There are so many similarities I should write a book on them.

  • Technological advances create a rapidly changing economy resulting in gross wealth inequality where the rich became insanely rich, a beourgening upper middle class, but for those who couldn’t get on the right side of the changes – displacement, frustration and anger.
  • Much of that anger was taken out on immigrants, of which there were many, and they were bringing with them rapid cultural changes. Immigration was one of the most divisive issues of the era & many called for immigration restrictions or bans. Some were passed. There was also anger against minorities.
  • It was generally an era of economic expansion, but it was boom and bust to the extreme, and those busts hurt the working classes the worst. There were cataclysmic financial crises in 1873 and 1893 due to lack of regulation. They caused depressions that lasted 5–7 years afterward. There was a smaller financial panic and downturn in 1884.
  • A rise of nationalism, often ethno-centric nationalism, around the world.*
  • There were no particular international threats to the United States, but a vague sense of insecurity, assisted by the sometimes violent activities of extremists around the world (at that time, radical anarchists) and instability in certain parts of the world (at that time – the Balkans, Russia/Eastern Europe, China). The end of the era featured a rapid military buildup by the most technologically advanced countries in order to fight….. no one in particular.**
  • Through all this, the U.S. government seemed to do NOTHING to help people, mired in a seemingly unending cacophony of circular arguments and insults. The politics were nasty. Oh the government did some stuff, but nothing of note that makes the cut into most history books. Urban growth & technological innovation makes the history books.
  • Politics were extraordinarily divided on a partisan basis – the presidency and both houses of congress were only controlled by the same party for 4 years out of 20 between 1876 and 1896. What’s more, it was divided over petty and personal issues, both within the parties and between them. Every presidential election between 1876 and 1900 was decided by 2 or 3 states and a few thousand votes, usually in New York and Indiana. Five elections in a row were like that.
  • Two out of the five elections in the period resulted in presidents who won the electoral college but lost the popular vote.
  • Part of the reason for the closeness of the elections was because the party coalitions were disparate but fairly evenly matched. There were defections from both parties to a variety of 3rd party movements too, which meant that the presidents typically won with less than 50% of the popular vote.
  • There was a distinct lack of respect, practically virulence, among both politicians and their partisans for the leaders and supporters of their opponents. Democrats and Republicans hated each other’s guts. It was worse than the 1960s.

Despite what anyone tells you about the 1960s/70s, the Cold War was a powerful mechanism of unity that promoted a kind of consensus despite visible protest for/against Civil Rights or the Vietnam War. Despite that, it was possible to forge consensus across party lines from 1945 through the early 2000s. Presidents from Truman to Bush (the younger) were able to do it on a variety of issues, although it started to get harder in the 1990s and Bush’s No Child Left Behind probably represents the last true major bi-partisan legislation in recent history.

Is it going to get worse?

If that history is any guide, it will get worse before it gets better. We could have several more elections similar to the vitriol of 2016. I fully expect Donald Trump to encourage it, since he is a creature that thrives off of it (a 19th century analogue would have been Roscoe Conkling). The characteristics & trends I mentioned above persisted for 3 decades before a consensus on domestic affairs began to congeal circa the early 1900s, in part around the personality of Theodore Roosevelt.

It’s like a person with a weight problem. The United States did not get this way overnight. The weight will thus not come off overnight. I’m not sure how far we’re into this divisiveness problem, but in my opinion the divisions revealed themselves with the 1998 Clinton impeachment. If so, we’re about in the middle right now, hopefully over the hump.

*We can hope that the recent defeat of Geert Wilders in the Netherlands is an indication this is not as strong as a movement as we thought after Brexit and Trump. We still have the more important cases of France and Germany coming up this year

**The arms buildup occurred in most of the powerful nations, all starting in the 1870s-80s more or less and continuing into the 20th century. It erupted into World War I, which started over some inconsequential b.s. I sincerely hope that does not occur again, but we are getting close to “due” for a world conflict, which typically occurred once every 75–100 years or so since the modern era began (~1500). We are currently in year 72 since the last global conflict.

Has the US ever been so divided in modern times? Is it going to get worse?

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$400,000 100-hand Video Poker payout from $500 max bet (@$5/hand) at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas 

$400,000 100-hand Video Poker payout for quad (‘four of a kind’) Aces (AAAA) (at max bet $500, (5 credits/hand $1/credit) placed on 100 hands)

$1,085,391 paid out on Superbowl Sunday (Feb 5, 2017) for hitting a Jackpot on a three-reel Wheel of Fortune slot machine.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Video poker player nets $400K jackpot at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

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Silicon Valley’s Quest to Crack the God Code


Silicon Valley’s Quest to Live Forever – The New Yorker

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Kellyanne Conway is a Star

Kellyanne Conway_edit

She’s one of the only officials inThe White House,, other than President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence to have Secret Service protection — which staffers receive at the special request of the president, who has famously referred to her as “my Kellyanne.”  Kellyanne Conway is becoming less a supporting character than a bona fide Celebrity in her own right. She is simply more famous — more beloved by Trump fans and more hated by Trump detractors — than anyone in any comparable role in any previous White House

Kellyanne Conway Is the Real First Lady of Trump’s America

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Frm. FBI agent admits: Obama ordered destruction of classified information after Trump election win

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Do lawyers really make that much money when taking into account they often work 50-60 hour weeks?

Do lawyers really make that much money when taking into account they often work 50-60 hour weeks? by Ty Doyle

Answer by Ty Doyle:

First of all, many lawyers don’t make all that much money. The median salary for American lawyers in 2015 was $115,820—an upper-middle-class income, to be sure, but certainly not “1%” money—which means that half of attorneys were below this line. Let’s look at four examples.

First, let’s assume a public interest lawyer making $45,000/yr while working 1750 hours. That works out to little more than $25/hr, a rate that can be had for a lot of work not requiring graduate-level education.

Next, let’s assume a government attorney making $90,000/yr while working 2,000 hours. That works out to $45/hr, many multiples of minimum wage, but not an exceptional sum for a white-collar worker with a professional degree.

Third, let’s assume an in-house attorney for a major corporation making $200,000/yr while also working 2,000 hours. That works out to $100/hr, a pretty good deal.

A lawyer who makes $800,000/yr—let’s assume, conservatively, that he/she works 2,750 hours to get it—winds up taking home about $290/hr, which is a nice amount of hourly compensation.

These are rough illustrations—the $45k lawyer might have to work 2,750 hours, as well—but you get the idea: some lawyers do quite well, but many do not.

Do lawyers really make that much money when taking into account they often work 50-60 hour weeks?

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The Persistent, enduring Mythology of SAW and the new Religion of John Kramer (JIGSAW)

John Kramer (Jigsaw)_edit

There’s an unceasing wind that blows through this night, there’s dust in my eyes, that blinds my sight A silence that speaks so much louder than words Of promises broken A man in black on a snow-white horse A pointless life has run its course The red-rimmed eyes, the tears still run As he fades into – the setting Sun

The sweet smell of a great sorrow lies over the land Plumes of smoke rise and merge into the leaden sky A man lies and dreams of green fields and rivers But awakes to a morning with no reason for waking He’s haunted by the memory of a lost-paradise – In his youth or a dream, he can’t be precise He’s chained forever to a world that’s departed It’s not enough, it’s not enough

One world, one soul Time pass, the river rolls And he talks to the river of lost love and dedication And silent replies that swirl invitation Flow dark and troubled to an oily-sea A grim intimation of what is to be


The Mythology of SAW and the New Religion of John Kramer | kylebstiff

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The Shocking Complexity of the Saw Movies – Overthinking It

SAW VII (3D)_edit

And you thought Inception was tricky. Lost like flashbacks, dream (well, nightmare) sequences, circular narrative references. Intentionally mirrors Seven in eerily echoic analogies to skeletons in the closet and secrets from the past returning to haunt

The Shocking Complexity of the Saw Movies – Overthinking It

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Can a lawyer effectively represent himself in court?

Can a lawyer effectively represent himself in court? by @JLE_JD

Answer by Jennifer Ellis:

I think it is hard to effectively represent yourself in court. One of the issues is that lawyers need to be able to be objective, and it is hard to be objective about your own situation. Of course, there is also the issue of whether you know the area of practice. Just because you are a lawyer does not mean that you know the area well enough to handle representation.

I could see defending myself from a simple traffic ticket. I don’t know about handling anything major.

Can a lawyer effectively represent himself in court?

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Stephen K. Bannon – ‘Everyday it’s going to be a fight’ Donald John Trump – committed, going to deliver




‘If you think they’re going to give you your country back without a fight, you are sadly mistaken; Every day, it is going to be a fight. They’re corporatist, globalist media that are adamantly opposed — adamantly opposed to an economic nationalist agenda like President Donald J. Trump has.’

The administration is in an unending battle for “deconstruction of the administrative state.” Bannon dismisses the idea that Trump might moderate his positions or seek consensus with political opponents. The White House is digging in for a long period of conflict to transform Washington and upend the world order.

“That is what I’m proudest about Donald J. Trump. All the opportunities he had to waver off this, all the people who have come to him and said, ‘Oh, you’ve got to moderate’ — every day in the Oval Office, he tells Reince Preibus and I, ‘I committed this to the American people, I promised this when I ran, and I’m going to deliver on this.”

Stephen K. Bannon

Bannon frames much of Trump’s agenda with the phrase, “deconstruction of the administrative state,” meaning the system of taxes, regulations and trade pacts that the president says have stymied economic growth and infringed upon U.S. sovereignty and that the post-World War II political and economic consensus is failing and should be replaced with a system that empowers ordinary people over coastal elites and international institutions.

At the core is a belief that “we’re a nation with an economy — not an economy just in some global marketplace with open borders, but we are a nation with a culture and a reason for being.”

Bannon repeatedly uses the phrase “economic nationalism” and posits that Trump’s withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement was “one of the most pivotal moments in modern American history.”

Nigel Farage, the British politician who led the successful Brexit movement in the United Kingdom to withdraw from the European Union, says Bannon has the right vision to reorder world powers.

– “I’ve never met anyone in my life who has such focus and is so clear in the direction that he intends to go in; Steve is the person with an international perspective on all of this. He’s got a good feel for the direction that he wants to see across the West.”


Bannon vows a daily fight for ‘deconstruction of the administrative state’ – The Washington Post

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The Spies plotting against Trump are out of control – I’m saying this as registered Democrat and ex CIA operative


“I know what’s best for foreign policy and national security… And I’m going to act on that.” – Aldrich Ames, a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agent convicted of treason in the 1980s and 1990s whose crimes resulted in the compromise of more than 100 assets. Many people were tortured and executed as a result.

During my time as a CIA officer, I quickly learned why all these rules were in place. I read people’s emails. I listened to phone calls. I recruited assets that told the dirtiest and most embarrassing of secrets. I came to realize that my power was both an awesome responsibility and, at times, wickedly seductive.

– And that is precisely what we are experiencing today. The spies who are plotting against President Donald J. Trump are breaking U.S. laws. They’re violating their oaths. And they’re committing treason to remedy (perceived) treason.

They likely don’t see it that way, of course.

But, then again, neither did Aldrich Ames.

Bryan Dean Wright is a former CIA ops officer and member of the Democratic Party. He contributes on issues of politics, national security, and the economy. Twitter @BryanDeanWright.


I’m a Democrat (and ex-CIA) but the spies plotting against Trump are out of control | Fox News

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Using the Deep State/CIA to stop Trump undermines Justice; is dangerous, height of folly.



The idea that President Donald J. Trump is some kind of an agent or a spy of Russia, or that he is being blackmailed by Russia and is going to pass secret information to the Kremlin and endanger American agents on purpose, is an incredibly crazy claim that has been nowhere proven to be true. It reminds me of the kind of things Glenn Beck used to say about Obama (such as that Barack Obama is a communist) while he stood at his chalkboard and drew those—those unstable charts that he drew, these wild conspiracy theories that are without evidence.

Now, I happen to think that the Trump presidency is extremely dangerous… it is important to resist them. And there are lots of really great ways to resist them, such as getting courts to restrain them, citizen activism and, most important of all, having the Democratic Party engage in self-critique to ask itself how it can be a more effective political force in the United States after it has collapsed on all levels.

– That isn’t what this resistance is now doing. What they’re doing instead is trying to take maybe the only faction worse than Donald J. Trump, which is the deep state, the CIA, with its histories of atrocities, and say they ought to almost engage in like a soft coup, where they take the elected president and prevent him from enacting his policies. And I think it is extremely dangerous to do that.

Even if you’re somebody who believes that both the CIA and the deep state, on the one hand, and the Trump presidency, on the other, are extremely dangerous, as I do, there’s a huge difference between the two, which is that Trump was democratically elected and is subject to democratic controls, as these courts just demonstrated and as the media is showing, as citizens are proving. But on the other hand, the CIA was elected by nobody. They’re barely subject to democratic controls at all. And so, to urge that the CIA and the intelligence community empower itself to undermine the elected branches of government is insanity.

– That is a prescription for destroying democracy overnight in the name of saving it. And yet that’s what so many, not just neocons, but the neocons’ allies in the Democratic Party, are now urging and cheering.

And it’s incredibly warped and dangerous to watch them do that.

Glenn Greenwald


Greenwald: Empowering the “Deep State” to Undermine Trump is Prescription for Destroying Democracy | Democracy Now!

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The Silence Of The Lambs Congress

In the past three weeks, Trump has: staffed the White House, sent a dozen Cabinet nominees to the Senate, browbeat The Boeing Company into cutting its price on a government contract, harangued American CEOs into keeping their plants in the United States, imposed a terrorist travel ban, met with foreign leaders and nominated a Supreme Court justice, among many other things. What have congressional Republicans been doing? Scrapbooking?

After the inauguration (gigantic!), House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell put out a plan for repealing Obamacare… in 200 days. They actually gave their legislative agenda this inspiring title: “The Two Hundred Day Plan.”


This is The Silence Of The Lambs Congress. They’re utterly silent, emerging from the House gym or their three-hour lunches only to scream to the press about Trump.

To the delight of the media, these frightened little lambs are appalled by nearly everything Trump does.

– Attorney Ann Coulter, ‘Enter the Dragon Lady’

Ann Coulter – Official Home Page

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If I make a yearly income of $300,000 and want to buy a $1.7 million dollar penthouse what would I have to do?

If I make a yearly income of $300,000 and want to buy a $1.7 million dollar penthouse what would I… by Randall Burns

Answer by Randall Burns:

You have the income you need. Do you have $2–400K in down payment? What is your credit score like(I think a bank will want at least 700 for that kind of purchase)? How long have you been earning $300K? I think a bank may want to see 3 years at that level. Once you have those in place you can make that kind of purchase. I have by doubts about whether getting extended that way is a good idea or if this is the right time to buy, but you can make that purchase with those in place. You can talk to a local mortgage broker. They may have some fine points I would miss. One trick: if you have parents that live out of state, you can buy their home and rent it back to them and declare it as a second home, then in 2–3 years. That is an asset you can borrow against, maintaining that kind of asset/debt may help your credit rating. In general mortgages will help your credit rating and consumer credit will not, but having established credit cards that have low, zero balance but have been used will help.

If I make a yearly income of $300,000 and want to buy a $1.7 million dollar penthouse what would I have to do?

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Can billionaires actually liquidate their entire net worth?

Can billionaires actually liquidate their entire net worth? by Pascal Lorig

Answer by Pascal Lorig:

Yes they can. The most famous billionaire that comes to mind is Pablo Escobar. He had nothing but cash. Though there are many stories and rumours about his wealth it is indeed true that it was all money.

But what about the top 100 guys on forbes wealthiest people in the world. Well, the top 10 most probably have a billion in cash or real estate. The problem stock share billionaires have is, they hold a large number of shares of one ( in most cases their own) company. For instance Google, Microsoft, Facebook etc.. What will happen to the stock price if all of a sudden 10 million shares get available for sale? The price drops massively, cause the offer is now x times higher than the demand. So your wealth will drop noticeably. Plus other shareholders will go nuts and also throw away their shares. Why would the CEO sell so many shares of his own company? Did he loose faith? There must be trouble going on. So in the end this could end badly. That is why CEOs are most likely bound to their shares.

So the easiest way to liquidate your fortune is by having it already in cash or real estate. And if it is in stock shares, you need to have a diverse portfolio.

Can billionaires actually liquidate their entire net worth?

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Trump’s coup d’état in blitzkrieg strike; lays siege to Deep State


if you imagine the Trump Insurgency as highly effective desert guerrillas, they are currently in the process of turning everything into a desert. The Establishment, optimized for “jungle conflict”, is going to have a hard time

Rather than endeavoring to establish control over the legacy infrastructure, the Trump Insurgency is in the process of destroying it entirely and replacing it with a very different architecture. One that is intrinsically compatible with its own form of collective intelligence.

The Insurgency is engaged in “total war”. They are simultaneously attacking the legacy power structures on multiple fronts (access, business viability and, in particular, legitimacy) while innovating novel approaches to the problem of large scale communications and control (e.g., direct tweets from POTUS). Their intent is not to play with or even dominate the legacy media — but to eliminate them from the field entirely and to replace them with something else altogether.

The Trump Insurgency represents a novel model of collective intelligence in general. It is the first truly viable approach that is connected directly with the emergent decentralized attractor that has been driving technical/economic disruption for the last several decades. This form of governance is structurally incompatible with the legacy media architecture. It is intrinsically dissonant with the kind of top-down, slow, controlled, synchronized approach of the old media. It therefore both must dismantle this architecture and replace it with one that is in synch with its mode of operation and, thereby, benefits massively by hamstringing any collective intelligence that works in the old top-down fashion (i.e., all existing forces currently at play).

My assessment is that the Trump Insurgency has identified the Deep State itself as its central antagonist and is engaged in a direct existential conflict with it.

Normally this would be an easy win for the Deep State. However, I expect this front to be the most challenging, uncertain and dangerous of the war. The Deep State is massive, has access to vast resources and capabilities and has been in the business of controlling power for decades. But two things are moving in the Insurgency’s favor.

First, the Deep State appears to be fragmented. For example, the “Russian Hacking” scenario of the past two months looks surprisingly uncoordinated and incompetent. I don’t know exactly what is going on here, but it is clearly not the product of a unified and smoothly operating Deep State.

Second, it seems highly likely that the Deep State is prepared to fight “the last war” while the Insurgency is bringing an entirely different kind of fight. The Deep State developed in and for the 20th Century. You might say that they are experts at fighting Trench Warfare. But this is the 21st Century and the Insurgency has innovated Blitzkrieg.

If my read is correct, the balance of the struggle between the Deep State and the Insurgency will be determined by how quickly the Deep State can dispense with old and dysfunctional doctrine and innovate novel approaches that are adequate to the war. In other words, is this the Western Front (France falling in six weeks) or the Eastern Front (the USSR bleeding and giving ground until it could innovate a new war machine that could outcompete the Wehrmacht).

If my read of the situation is correct (which, of course, it very well may not be), then the Deep State would be ill advised indeed to undertake any major efforts in the next 12–24 months. For example, an “impeach Trump” initiative, would almost certainly be an enormous strategic disaster. In spite of the apparent strength of the Deep State, the Insurgency’s superior OODA loop would likely result in an Insurgency victory in this fight — and victory here would greatly strengthen the Insurgency’s position. (Can you say “Emperor Trump?)

For those who want to take action, I have three recommendations:

  • The Blue Church, the Deep State, the Old Media and all the other aspects of the Establishment are holding you back. Free your mind. This is going to be much harder than it sounds. For most people, if you are under 40, your entire development has taken place within the context of the Blue Church. Many of your deepest assumptions and unconscious values are going to have to be examined with brutal honesty and courage.
  • All Collective Intelligence is gated by Sensemaking. Right now, our collective sensemaking systems are in complete disarray. We don’t know who or what to trust. We barely even know how. Find ways to improve your individual sensemaker and collaborate on collective sensemaking systems. This should get easier as the old media and the Blue Church collapse.
  • Both #1 and #2 require other people. And, since all of our old ways of collaborating with other people are either suspect or obsolete, you are going to have to learn how to build real faithful relationships the old fashioned way. Get much better at making friends. I don’t mean casual acquaintances. And I definitely don’t mean social network contacts. I mean the kinds of people who ready willing and able to actually care for you — even at risk to themselves. Not because of shared ideology or even shared mission, but because of the deep stuff of human commitment.-  Jordan Greenhall

Situational Assessment 2017: Trump Edition – Deep Code – Medium

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DC Falls; the elites reel. Surge to defeat Agenda 21. Setting the World on Fire.

War on an epic scale, for Stephen Kevin Bannon, is not a prospect to fear but to relish.“We’re at war” is one of Steve’s favorite slogans, whether it’s the struggle against jihadism, which he describes as “a global existential war” that may turn into “a major shooting war in the Middle East”, or the looming clash with China.

vaderFirst on the White House agenda – the collapse of the global order. Next, war? | Jonathan Freedland | Opinion | The Guardian

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