Joe McKeehen (24, •PRO•, PA) overcomes 6,420 players to finish in #1rst place; Wins $7,683,346 ($7.6+ mil).

Joe McKeehen A♥10♦ > 4♦4♣ Joshua Beckley Q♣5♠10♣5♦J♣

Joe spikes a ten dominating Joshua’s pocket-pair of fours; Joshua looking for two ♣ cards or another four (and only a four) for a ♣ flush or 3 of a kind (set of) fours; the 5♦ is not a club or a four; the Jack is a ♣ (needs one more ♣) but not a four; and Joe’s pair of tens (with an Ace kicker) is good to win the final hand of the 2015 World Series of Poker (WSOP) main event.

Joe playing perfectly; dominant (and lucky) throughout the final table; no one comes close; personally eliminates 7 players.


Neil Blumenfield (2♦2♥) < (Q♥Q♦) Joe McKeehen 10♥7♥4♣4♠K♠

Joshua (button) opens with a min-raise to 2 million. Joe (sb) reraises to 5.4 million; Neil (bb) moves all in for about 12 million. Joshua folds; Joe quickly calls. And Neil’s deuces are not good enough to beat Joe’s queens.

Neil cashes out in #‎3rd for $3,398,298 ($3.3 mil+).

(sb) = small blind (bb) = big blind

(Tues. 10 November 2015 Day three)


Tom Cannuli (A♠A♣) < (10♦10♥) Max Steinberg J♣10♠6♣Q♦8♠

Ofer Zvi Stern (A♣J♥) < (A♠K♣) Neil Blumenfield 7♥5♠3♦K♦Q♦

Max Steinberg (A♥J♦) < (A♦Q♣) Joe McKeehen 9♦7♣5♠8♣3♦

Tom cashes out in #‎6th for $1,426,283. ($1.4 mil+).  Ofer Zvi Stern cashes out in #‎5th for $1,911,423. Max cashes out in #‎4th for $2,615,361.

In an earlier hand, Ofer Ziv, attempting to put Joshua off his hand with an all-in raise (with 109); misjudges badly; Joshua waking up with two black Aces. Joshua quickly calls; and the board does not improve for either of them.


(Mon. 9 Nov. 2015 Day two)


Patrick Chan (A♦4♥) < (K♠Q♣) Joe McKeehen 10♣6♥5♠3♥9♣

Federico Butteroni (A♥J♣) < (A♠K♠) Joe McKeehan 10♣6♦3♦9♠7♦

Pierre Neuville (A♣J♣) < (J♥6♥) Joe Mckeehan Q♦10♦3♥Q♥10♥

Patrick out in #‎9th for $1,001,020 ($1 mil). Federico out in #‎8th for $1,097,056. Pierre out in #‎7th for $1,203,293. Chipleader Joe Mckeehan adds 14,075,000 to his stack, with (a total of) 91,450,000 (91 mil+) chips; (after being relatively restrained) starts raising 1 mil+ every hand with nearly any 2 cards (i.e. 910, JQ, K10); usually causing most of the table to fold to avoid a confrontation; although Joe actually picks up (and raises) Queens, Ace-King (and A(xs); K(xs)); effectively wielding his overwhelming stack like a club.

Pierre playing well but not so lucky; with Joe making a Runner Runner Jack-high♥ flush on the last hand; losing a pivotal earlier-hands holding Ace King (with a King on the board) against Neil Blumenfield, whose pair of fours spike a four making a set (no Ace Ace or King King for trips or Queen Jack Ten for Broadway); Tom Cannuli with the second nut (King high)♥ flush with (K♥9♥) while Pierre’s QQ makes Broadway on 5th (Ten through Ace); and Pierre’s KQ < A4 (Joe)

Undoubtedly disappointing for the former Pokerstars pro and Hasbro Gaming executive who is recipient of the Global Poker Index’s European Poker Awards’ 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award.

(Sun. 8 Nov. 2015 Day one)


FINAL NINE PAYOUTS (and chip counts):

#1 Joe McKeehen (24, Pennsylvania) $7,683,346 ($7.6 mil+) 192,650,000 chips

#2 Joshua Beckley (25, New Jersey) $4,470,896 (-19,550,000)

#3 Neil Blumenfield (61, San Francisco, California) $3,398,298  (-12,125,000)

#4 Max Steinberg (27, Las Vegas, Nevada) $2,615,361 (-16,800,000)

#5 Ofer Zvi Stern (36, Israel) $1,911,423 (-12,125,000)

#6 Tom Cannuli (23, New Jersey) $1,426,283 (-10,425,000)

#7 Pierre Neuville (72, Belgium) $1,203,293 (-4,800,000)

#8 Federico Butteroni (25, Italy) $1,097,056 (-3,000,000)

#9 Patrick Chan (26, Brooklyn, New York) $1,001,020 (-5,775,000)

PAYOUT: #‎1rst place: $7,680,021 ($7 mil+) #‎2nd: $4,469,171 #‎3rd: $3,397,103 #‎4th: $2,614,558 #‎5th through #‎9th: $1 mil

(FULL payout structure:




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An old-fashioned childhood: Nobody killed us.

There are not fewer children living stressed, chaotic lives in America now – there are more. There will be more still, because among the things America no longer manufactures is stability. And the culture around them will not protect them, as the culture protected me. The culture around them will make their lives harder, more frightening, more dangerous. They are going to come up with nothing to believe in, their nerves essentially shot. And they’re going to be – they are already – very angry.

So that is the story. When I speak of my concerns about the cultural air all around us it is not abstract to me. I will always feel America’s culture saved me when I was a child, preserved my optimism, allowed me to be hopeful for the future, allowed me to become myself.

– Peggy Noonan (from her book, The time of our lives) is columnist, The Wall Street Journal.


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Obama announces executive-action to help prisoners rejoin Society.

Obama’s plans include millions of dollars in education grants for current prisoners, new policies to help former inmates find housing, a “clean slate clearing house” to help former prisoners clear their records where possible, and a call to Congress to “ban the box” – the space on a job application that asks about criminal backgrounds.

There are 2,200,000 (2.2 mil) people incarcerated in federal and state prisons around the US; about 20% of the world’s total number of imprisoned people. The number ballooned in the decades of the “war on drugs;” in particular due to “tough on crime” laws enacted during the 90s.

Nearly 1 in 3 Americans has a criminal record, and the Justice Department finds that employers are extremely reluctant to hire ex-offenders. The results of a 2009 study finds that 60-75% of ex-offenders are jobless up to a year after release; about 68% of former prisoners are rearrested within 3 years; and 76% rearrested within 5 years (Bureau of Justice Statistics).

To help ex-offenders avoid the traps and hurdles of life after release, Obama is expected to announce several initiatives. He has asked the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to change it’s policy on how authorities use criminal records to judge a potential tenant, and ordered an $8,700,000 ($8.7 mil) program to help provide housing for people who leave prison and end up homeless.


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Robot buses coming to America; paving the Way for self-driving Robot cars.

First, a quiet business park. Next, the world.


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Lawyers sue ‘pokie’ (slot) machine makers and casino owners; allege deliberate deceptive, addictive intention(s).

The ‘deceptive’ and addictive design of poker machines is illegal and negligent, lawyers argue in landmark legal action against the ‘pokies’ …

This tricks people into thinking they have had a win or are close. It stimulates reward.  Also, ‘near misses,’ where the image on the screen appears as if the gambler is nearly winning but, in reality, is not even close. –  Dr Charles Livingstone (Professor of Public Health at Monash University)

Every year Australians lose over $12,000,000,000 (-$12 bil’) on the ‘pokies’ – nearly $2,500,000,000 ($2.5  bil) in Victoria alone, with the government reaping more than $1,000,000,000 ($1 bil) a year in ‘pokies’ taxes.


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Couple celebrates lucky €5,300,000 (€5.3 mil) lottery win with Vegas trip.

After playing same numbers for 27 years, quick-pick line lands jackpot for couple.

The (winning) lotto ticket cost €7.50.

The couple have been playing the same numbers since the Lottery began in 1988 but it was an additional quick-pick line that actually secured the win.

‘I included just one line of quick-pick numbers, as insurance, and that’s the line that won,’ says the (anonymous) husband.

‘When I went online on Wednesday night and saw that the numbers were a quick-pick selection, I said to myself ‘I probably have them all.”

He said that when he had stopped shaking after seeing the numbers, he went to the fridge, got a bottle of wine, poured two glasses and gave one to his wife, who was sitting in her pyjamas by the fire.

‘She didn’t know what was happening – (she) thought I’d lost my mind. She must have checked the ticket a thousand different ways before she’d believe we’d won.’

The couple plan to use the €5,300,000 (€5.3 mil) to fund a trip to Las Vegas, support their family and, of course, buy a sports car.

‘I’m definitely buying a two-seat convertible Ferrari. Its been on my bucket list and now it’s time to act.


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Genetically Modified (GM) tomatoes containing potent Resveratrol developed by scientists.


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