What games can increase my intelligence?

Poker (of which there are many variants such as Badugi​; the most popular (widely played) being No limit texas hold’em​, Omaha hold ’em​ and Omaha 8 Hi Low Poker​) involves memory, strategy, Game theory​, Math​/Statistics​, Psychology​, Pattern recognition​, uncertainty, money and equity/risk assessment/management/evaluation and self-discipline. Playing ‘live’ poker face to face with people (i.e. at a casino) emphasizes psychology; whereas online-poker (multi-tabling 2 to 21 tables simultaneously) with statistics/tracking software (H.U.D.’s : *Heads Up* displays) emphasizes math, statistics, and Probability Theory​ (similar to Stock trading​ and Video Games​ i.e. Diablo​, League of Legends​, World of Warcraft​, StarCraft​, EVE Online​).


Answer by Tu-Lam Pham:

Playing poker is amazing.
Teaches you about strategy, game theory, math/statistics, psychology, pattern recognition, dealing with uncertainty, money and risk management and self discipline.
Playing “live” poker with real people emphasizes the psychology part, whereas playing online poker with multiple games at the same time and statistics/tracking software emphasizes the math part (it becomes kind of similar to trading or computer strategy games).

What games can increase my intelligence?

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