How difficult do you perceive it to be for the opposite sex to find a suitable partner?

Not that hard. Very to pretty (easy). Especially in SFO, LA, LV and NYC and other major (western, modern, affluent (prosperous)) metropolitan US cities like Austin, Texas and Houston, Texas. Maybe London, United KingdomParis, France and Berlin, Germany (and other Euro).

Answer by Eivind Kjørstad:

On the overall balance I don’t think it’s substantially harder or substantially easier for women than it is for men to find a suitable partner. Most people are monogamous and heterosexual, and it follows that there’s going to be a similar amount of single women and single men no matter what.
I do however think that the way women and men are judged in the “dating market” is different enough that in certain situations, being of one gender is a substantial advantage relative to being the other gender. The challenges women and men face add up to a similar height, but they are often different.
Here’s a few examples of differences: (many of these vary considerably by culture)
  • Your age plays a bigger role for women than for men, young women may be seen as more attractive than young men, but on the other hand older women are frequently perceived as less attractive than men of the same age.
  • Physical beauty (or lack of it) plays a bigger role for women than for men. It’s of some relevance to both genders of course, but women are still judged for their looks to a even larger degree than men are.
  • Employment-status and education plays a bigger role for men; that’s ESPECIALLY true in cultures where many (or even most) women are housewives, but it’s true to some degree even where most women work.
  • Safety-concerns are much more of a problem for women. Few men spend much time or energy worrying about having their borders respected; this is sadly still a common (and justified) fear for women.
  • Reputation-concerns are diametrically opposed. Women run a higher risk of being shamed for being “easy” or “sluts”, while men run a higher risk of being shamed as losers if they have insufficient romantic and/or sexual “success”.
  • Men are more likely to have trouble finding women who will consent to sex with them; but women are more likely to find themselves in a situation where men who will have sex with them do not want to commit to a relationship.
  • Men face (most of) the burden of initiating, so especially shy men or men who are low in assertiveness often struggle with getting romance started. But on the other hand women are “supposed” to be courted by men, so those women who for whatever reason do not experience that find themselves even more “alone” about their problem. (if most of your friends gets asked out regularly with little effort on their part, they won’t have that much sensible advice to give about how to handle it if that’s NOT happening)

How difficult do you perceive it to be for the opposite sex to find a suitable partner?

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