In the Near Future, Robotic Sex Partners Will Be Commonplace.

From the production line and into your bedroom.


By 2025; robotic sex-partners will be common. These ‘sexbots’ will look, feel and move similar to (possibly better than) an actual human-being, and be decent enough to satisfy the sexual-desires of most people.  Robot-prostitutes that won’t pass sexually-transmitted diseases such as HIV (and Hep C and the less-lethal although more-prevalent Herpes) will make an appearance.

These robots will also be stealing work from both blue and white-collar professionals; taking more jobs from humans than they create.

One poll shows 50% of respondents indicating  an inevitability that these man-made machines will one day take over the World.

Artificiality will get bored of their repetitive-tasks and decide to take over wide-segments of daily-life.

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