The Future of Sex: It Gets Better

Robots that look and feel incredibly lifelike; with which you can cuddle and have sex; with the ability to design your perfect (robotic) mate and program your (fantasy) encounter; complete with the right-voice+tone and the artificial-intelligence (think ’Siri’) to whisper those sweet-nothings at exactly the right time.

A new app called ‘invisible-boyfriend’ is already out, sending you loving texts like a real boyfriend might.
Distance will matter less.

If we want, we’ll be able to procreate online without meeting in person; and+or meet offline and in realtime+place.

• While a number of male-focused interventions abound; female-oriented medical discoveries to create bigger, better, more intense multiple-orgasms; while making you skinnier, tanner and more libidinous all at once; as well as expand the size of the G-spot (and other erogenous zones); are coming.

Labeling our sexual orientation will be a thing of the past.

Seeking more stimulation in less time, quick transitory couplings, and safer and more exploratory sex than ever, with virtual capabilities.

An abundance of Love and a community of people not afraid to open their hearts to all the possibilities (and there are many; whether technologically state of the art and+or old-fashioned+traditional).


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