Hillary 2.0 

Hillary Clinton accomplishments:

• As chair of the Legal Services Corporation, tripled the budget — despite President Ronald Reagan‘s epeated attempts to kill the program.

• As chairwoman of the Arkansas Education Standards Committee, successfully brought core classes like physics, math, foreign languages and music to more than 200 high schools, and increased the number of high school graduates going to college by 25% within four years.

• Led the fight for Universal Healthcare in the early 1990s.

• As one of the most prominent women in the world, she went to China and proclaimed that ‘Women’s rightss are Human Rights.’  As Secretary of State, she reprised that; saying, ‘Gay Rights are Human Rights.’

• A leader in the creation of the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which to this day helps millions of uninsured children access healthcare.

• As First Lady, helped shepherd the Adoption and Safe Families Act to passage, which changed the way the country looked at adoption — focusing on the needs of children ahead of all other needs. It was an idea that she herself helped develop two years before and one that ultimately increased foster adoptions by more than 60%.

• Broke the glass ceiling repeatedly, serving as the first female senator from the state of New York and the first former First Lady ever to win elective office.

• As Senator for New York on 9/11; helped secure $21,000,000,000 ($21 billion) to rebuild the city — and fought to pass legislation to provide first responders with health care.

• As a Senator, advocated for veterans and service-members. On the Senate Armed Services Committee, she introduced legislation to help family members care for veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury. She also worked across the aisle (with U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham) to expand health care access for members of the National Guard and reservists. For those who had lost loved ones who served, she worked to increase military survivor benefits from $12,000 to $100,000. Fought successfully to keep the Niagra Falls Air Reserve Station open, saving 800 jobs in New York.

• In the Senate, championed Immigration reform, serving as a key member fighting to pass the DREAM Act.

• In the Senate, co-wrote a law that requires drug companies to actually safety-test drugs before they are prescribed to children — and to relabel drugs with information about safety and dosing for children.

• In the Senate, ‘led the charge’ on the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which ensured that companies could be held accountable for equal-pay discrimination.

• As Secretary of State, played a key role in the decision-making behind the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.

• As Secretary of State, promoted American interests in China. During that period, exports to China increased 50%.

•. As Secretary of State, brought China and Russia to the table — leading to the harshest-ever sanctions on Iran. This effort ultimately resulted in the nuclear deal with Iran, which more than any other action may have kept the United States from going to war.

• As Secretary of State, achieved the New START nuclear arms control treaty with Russia.

• Also in Russia, achieved a number of successes on that front: in addition to the New START treaty, she got Russia to agree to bring sanctions against Iran and convinced Russia to abstain from a UN Security Council resolution granting intervention in Libya.

• As Secretary of State, personally negotiated a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas.

• As Secretary of State, created a new position—the ‘Ambassador at Large for Global Women’s Issues,’ which works to promote women politically, economically, and socially around the world.




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