Hillary Clinton’s use of her private email cleared by FBI probe; zero evidence of any incriminating evidence; no charges.  

Hillary Clinton‘s closest aides, including longtime adviser Huma Abedin, have provided interviews to federal investigators, as the FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation probe into the security of her private email server nears completion, say U.S. officials to CNN. Hillary Clinton has maintained from the beginning of the Republican-fueled investigation that she did nothing wrong; the FBI is well on their way to finding that she was telling the truth the whole time.

Republicans have bet the farm on their hope that The Smoking Gun would turn up and Hillary would be indicted and face court proceedings. When the FBI releases an official report concluding Hillary Clinton appears to be acting as is proper and just; it will be another crushing-blow to the GOP’s hopes for victory in the US Presidential election on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016.

Congressional Republicans have wasted millions of dollars investigating Hillary Clinton’s emails; it is apparent that they will have nothing to show for their efforts, but Donald J. Trump as their presidential nominee, and the potential for a landslide defeat in November.

Judy Montoya, Maleko Mark Swearingen and Ann Oshiro-Kauwe shared.


cf. http://www.dailynewsbin.com/news/colin-powell-says-hillary-clintons-email-is-a-non-issue/23756 via Prosy Delacruz



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