Jennifer Shahade : Queen with a castle.

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I feel that a lot of people have a very serious approach to poker.  A studious approach. So they (chess and poker) definitely are similar in that they don’t want to have a 9-to-5. A lot of chess and poker players have that artistic-streak in them where they want to like just live life on their own terms.  Sunday’s the really big poker day.  Poker is more attached to the real-world; there’s more interest in making as much 💵 as possible and staying-afloat.  You can’t blame them because the only way to make 💵 in poker is to have 💵. It’s a microcosm of a business (or life). If you don’t have 💵 to invest in a game — even if it’s a really good-game, you can’t play in it, then you can’t make that 💵.  That’s why people in poker are obsessed with 💵 — which you don’t see in chess as much. (Chess is) more like an artist’s-life where money just represents time. They need it to keep playing.

  • Jennifer Shahade is a professional poker player and two-time United States women’s chess champion.

An Interview with Philly Chess and Poker Pro Jennifer Shahade | News | Philadelphia Magazine

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