What is the best way to motivate ourselves?

• Do what you love. If you’re passionate about your activities you’ll put more energy and time into it because you’re interested. • Set realistic goals that you can achieve. Break up projects into do-able segments and allow yourself to move on if you get stuck in overly difficult and/or repetitive blocks. • Don’t think it’ll happen overnight. You need luck and skill. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Years, decades… a lifetime of experience speaks volumes; does wonders. • Look at those less fortunate than yourself such as the poor, downtrodden and victims of unfortunate circumstances; not just as an ego-boost to make yourself feel ‘better than,’ but also as a ‘reality check;’ so you know how some people live, that your problems may be minuscule in comparison and to remind yourself that you may be in a position to help others, be of service and basically give back to your community.

Answer by Rohit Nigam:

There are four ways you can motivate yourself.

  1. Do what you love: Nothing is better than doing what you love to do. It is fun! You love spending time on your passion and irrespective of the result you get, when you look back, you see you had a good time. If you are in a job where you doing what you are passionate about, you would always be motivated.
  2. Keep targets: Set yourself a target, a reasonable one. Mostly people keep too tough a target and then few roadblocks, or procastination can discourage them quickly. Keep very reasonable targets, and repeat this exercise everyday.

    If you want to run a marathon, break down huge target to smaller ones – Try to run 1 KM everyday. If that is too much, try to run 5 Minutes everyday. If that is too much, try to brisk walk 30 minutes everyday. When this lesser target seems very easy, move on to the more difficult target. When you are okay with that, move on the next level.

  3. There is always enough time! Never fret about time. Not that you should get lazy and stop doing what you are doing, but never think that the speed in which you are working is very slow. It won’t help. You always have enough time. You cannot run a marathon with just 1 month of training. You cannot be a great guitarist with just 3-4 months of practice. You cannot make millions by investing for just 2-3 years. There are always a genius who could do it, but mostly, we all are just okay!

    Have patience. Keep walking, no matter how small are your steps. Compare your today with where you were a month back. There would always be some improvement. You should not compare yourself with others who have done great, you have no idea how much support they had, or when did they start walking.

    The longer you walk, the farther you would go. But if you are always worried about time, you would get into haste, make mistakes, feel bad and then give up.

  4. Look at the poor: I am not sure about you, but this affects me. If I care about them, and if I am not strong and successful, then I won’t be able to help them effectively. There are great successful people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet etc who are helping out the poor. They are able to because they succeeded in what they were doing.

Good luck with your life!

What is the best way to motivate ourselves?

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