What is the easiest way for a girl to marry into money?

Answer by Xeelee Yoshinaga:

By being intelligent, classy, reasonably attractive, and putting yourself in social situations where you are likely to meet wealthy people and befriend and date them.

It would not be easy. Wealthy people are on guard against gold diggers, no one wants to feel like you are just dating them for their money. It is not just a matter of looking good, you must also learn the proper etiquette and social mores of the class of which you wish to move up into. You must be knowledgeable and intelligent, a wealthy man [or woman as the case might be] is not going to want to marry someone who cannot even carry on a conversation about topics they enjoy. 

You must do your research and find out where wealthy people hang out and find a way to socialize with them. Again, easier said than done. Many of these places are exclusive and will not let just anyone walk in the door.

It really helps if you have your own money.

What is the easiest way for a girl to marry into money?

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