Do you know any rich people?

Do you know any rich people?

Answer by Marina Mawby:


My dad was a friend to a billionaire with a net worth of $20 billion (he made his money from scratch, he was not born Into wealth so I respect him for that) he's not famous or anything just very rich.

He lives in a 100 million dollar mansion on a faraway farm (and no he doesn't live in America) and has 2 adopted daughters one is 15 (nearly 16) and the other is 3 and a half. He was and I'm sure is still a very good looking man, kind of like the definition of tall dark handsome and mega rich and he was very down to earth and humble BUT he did not want a relationship he chose to be celibate for life and he said as a rich man it's now harder to find a genuine woman who will love you for you and not your money, he's totally content with being single and having his 2 daughters around he's also a hands on dad he homeschools both his daughters and he does not spoil them in any way they are well behaved and very good girls.

He also drives with the same car he bought when he first started driving which is an old Holden car, he does own a Bugatti and a Lamborghini but he only uses them for special events other than that he only uses his old Holden car for everyday driving. He also gives a lot to charity. I would love to be humble, single, mega rich and not be stupid with my money just like him, but *sigh* I can only dream lol.

He Has bad dress sense despite his massive walk in closet, he would go to an outdoor market In the farm area and wear knee length shorts and a simple v neck t shirt with Jandals/flip flops what ever you call them, haha.

I don't know what he's doing now because the last time we saw him was 9 years ago, all I know is just 3 years ago he adopted his 3 year old girl and is now 49 years old. And luckily for us he once invited us for dinner and I was amazed by his house and backyard pool, indoor pool and his massive cinema it made me want to be rich haha.

Edit: oh and I forgot to add that he installed a slide in his 15 year old daughters bedroom so instead of having to use the staires to Come down she just slides down, how fun!!

Update: if anyone wondered what type of Bugatti and Lamborghini he owns.

they are gold Lamborghini aventador and a black Bugatti Chiron which was 2.5 million dollars.

I found pictures that are exactly the style and colour he owns, just same examples of his car but not his cars.

His daughter must have a blast washing these cars!

EDIT: to the people who are thinking: “wait a minute the Bugatti Chiron is not out yet”!?

He pre-ordered it on February and it was sent to him 2 weeks ago, I finally met him again yesterday after my dad got a hold of him and found out my cancer had gotten worse, he came to visit me in the hospital and I asked him.

Also he's a good friend of buagtti’s president Wolfgang durheimer.

Bugatti Chiron

Gold Lamborghini aventador


He won't date anymore because unfortunately this is what he sees when he's talking to most women.

Update: Also anyone wondering that Holden is only in Australia, yes it's only in Australia because he used to live there years ago when I used to see him , since I hadn't seen him for along time I only mentioned the things I remembered at THAT time when I visited him in Aussie, but now 2 days ago after 9 years as I said I saw him again and caught up to him and found out he's not in Australia anymore and now lives in Oslo,Norway which obviously means he doesn't have his Holden anymore, his eldest daughter is in her early 20’s now (he adopted her when he was 26) and his youngest is still 3 and again as I said he's 49 now since I already mentioned it, he adopted her just 3 years ago. I only knew that about him but not that he moved out of Australia or the other things. I just caught up with what he's doing now when he finally came to see me again in hospital, And of course bought a new mansion while at it lol. So guess i will delete the Holden bit haha. Apologies for not mentioning that earlier on my edit! My mistake.

UPDATE: I’d also like to add something very sweet he told me when I asked him about rdating and looking out for gold diggers, he said:

My 3 year old daughter is the only girl I have been spending my money on so I'd rather spend money her rather than another woman who's just with me for the money and materialistic stuff, my daughter needs me for more than materialistic things like a roof over her head (aka mansion :P) food,water and clothes, grown women can do these themselves by getting a job but not my helpless little girl”.

he’s not saying all women are gold diggers but for him it's much harder to find a genuine woman who's not in it for the money, he's good living the rich and single life *sigh* how i wish to live that life.

Do you know any rich people?

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