Are fantasy sports just gambling?


Chance can have a greater impact on outcomes when skill levels are well matched. In an Olympic sprint event, all participants are blazing fast, so a runner’s start or the lane they’re assigned to could mean the difference between winning and losing. Likewise, it’s tough to predict the victor between two chess grandmasters, but the outcome is rarely in doubt when one plays an amateur. – The very essence of chance versus skill in contests.

•  Skill-based contests tend to exclude people who cannot succeed—to wit, it’s been years since I last played chess.

• Chance games, on the other hand, pull the floodgates wide open (i.e. lotteries, bingo, roulette, slots, keno, baccarat, craps, most casino machines and table games such as 21, 3 card, Chinese, Caribbean and crazy pineapple poker, Badacey, Baducy (but not Badugi)).


Are Fantasy Football and Fantasy Baseball More Based on Skill Than the Real Sports?

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