Hillary Clinton/Donald J. Trump : 2016 front runners likely to clinch nomination for 2016 US Presidency.

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner and presumptive nominee for US president in 2016 has more votes, more states, more delegates (with a 707-delegate lead over Bernie’s 1,565 to 858), and more super delegates than Bernie Sanders (1,129 to 835 – a difference of 294), who had hoped to clinch more delegate wins. Although this news fades out that hope; Bernie can still, in theory, win each of the remaining contests (primary elections) by 16 points (if Bernie wins 76% of the remaining delegates) but anything less means he will not win the nomination (if Hillary wins at least 41% of the remaining votes).

Republican delegate count:

• Donald J. Trump 656 (has won 47% of allocated delegates)
• Ted Cruz : 408 (29%)
• Marco Rubio : 172 (12%)
• John Kasich : 138 (10%)

Trump needs to win 55% of remaining delegates (including 60 left from last night) to reach 1,237 (for the win (1,237 delegates)).

Ted Cruz needs to win 79% of remaining delegates (including 60 left from last night) (to reach 1,237)

*Marco Rubio has conceded; ends campaign on Tues, 15 Mar 2016, as Donald Trump overwhelms him in his home state of Florida; Trump 45% to Rubio’s 28% (of the vote).

John Kasich needs to win 104% of the remaining delegates (including 60 left from last night) (to reach 1,237)




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