South Korean Pro Go player Lee Se-dol (33) wins 4th match against Google’s Deepmind A.I. ‘AlphaGo’ after losing 3x in a row.  

李世乭 is 18x World Go (modern board game)champion. Go (game) considered for a time not able for computer A.I. to master due to it’s intricate strategies.  Google fronted (put up) the $1,000,000 offer (to beat Deepmind). Lee wins Game #4 (after losing 3x in a row); Lee’s prediction he’d win 5-0 or 4-1 upset by Google’s Deepmind whose 3 wins (of 5 matches) denies Lee the $1,000,000 (for beating Deepmind); the $1 mil Google giving to charity.

via Cecile G. Tamura


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