Knife found by construction worker in 1998 demolition of Simpson Brentwood estate turned into LAPD. 

LAPD Headquarters is testing the blood-stained knife for hair and fingerprints. O. J. Simpson was found not guilty in the murders of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, found dead in 1994 with multiple stab wounds in her head and neck and knife wounds to her hands from what appears to be attempts to defend herself; and her friend, Ronald Goldman; also found dead (with Nicole) with multiple stab wounds to the neck, chest, and abdomen. Simpson is protected from further prosecution even if police find any connection between him and the knife as it would place him in Double jeopardy.

The apparently buried folding buck knife was found by a construction worker in 1998 while demolishing the house on O.J. Simpson’s former estate; who gave the knife to an off duty traffic police officer, George Mascot, who kept the knife until earlier this year (2016), before turning it over to LAPD after asking a friend who is an officer in the homicide division of LAPD for the case number (which George wanted to engrave on the frame of the knife which George planned to hang on his wall), who in turn told his superiors, who requested that the retired officer hand over the knife (which he did).

The murder weapon (presumably a knife) was never found by the time of the (criminal) Trial of O.J. Simpson.

O.J. Simpson is behind bars in Nevada serving a 33 year sentence for Armed robbery and Kidnapping in connection with the theft of sports memorabilia from Palace Station Hotel & Casino in 2007.

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In memory of Nicole Brown Simpson (1959-1994, 35) ☆ In Memory Of Ronald Goldman (1968-1994, 25)


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