Donald J. Trump 

Ivanka Trump with Donald J. Trump : America is on a slippery slope toward failure; the Warfare State and the Welfare State are suffocating what was once (long time ago; in a galaxy far, far away… oops) a prosperous capitalism and a resilient free society lightly intruded upon by the machinery of state.

Both parties have become handmaidens of the State. Domiciled in the Imperial City, they have long ago betrayed their founding principles in favor of incumbency, self-importance and operating the special-interest rackets that keep them in office. Maybe The Donald’s startling but palpable-momentum toward the White House (what rough-beast slouches toward Bethlehem?) will have one saving grace. His relentless campaign against the (career) ’politicians’ and the Washington $$$ rackets may end up knocking the hypocritical-stuffings out of both parties (witness the improbable implosion of the GOP; Donald is accomplishing what for most of us was a fait accompli).

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