It’s over : Donald J. Trump is the Republican nominee.


The Republican nominee is Donald J. Trump.

For all Trump haters, that’s not good news. The GOP establishment has been wrong at every turn, and Trump has been right. In business, there’s an explanation for this: disruption. That’s what Trump has done – he’s disrupted politics as usual and changed the rules entirely

If you are still crossing your fingers hoping for a Marco Rubio surge, I advise you, don’t waste your time. The race is over. It’s time for the GOP establishment to decide if it wants to continue the identity crisis or elect a president.

• He’s real.
• He doesn’t care what you think.
•. Many Americans hate Washington.
• It’s early (null).
• You want to see him debate.

‘We are tired of being pushed around and led around by stupid people … we need smart leadership, we need great leadership. We need to make America great again.’ (Trump to crowd in Sun City, SC July 2015) There was no policy then, and there isn’t policy now. And it doesn’t seem to matter.

Even back then, Trump was telling the media he didn’t see Jeb ‘as a factor,’ and he was right.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus reportedly told Trump to tone down his rhetoric last summer. Yet he’s only turned the volume up.

In September, the world was up in arms over his loose tongue at the mic and Twitter rants. No one could believe it when he called U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham‘a total lightweight … idiot,’ and barked that Rick Perry wears glasses so ‘people think he’s smart,’ and Barack Obama‘s administration officials are ‘dopes.’  Carly Fiorina‘s face bothered him.  Megyn Kelly had blood coming out of her ‘whatever.’

That hasn’t slowed down either. In fact, who hasn’t he offended at this point? Basically, no one. Trump’s targets:

Pope Francis
George W. Bush
* Women
* Mexican immigrants
Fox News
* Refugees
* Muslims
The Koch Brothers
* Washington
* Apple

He even said he could shoot one of his supporters and he’d still win.

Sadly, he might be right, assuming he isn’t arrested and jailed for it. On Monday, he said he missed the ‘good old days’ because he wanted to punch a protester.


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