Politicians confirm the $$$ System is corrupt; a bribery casino ponzi scheme economy using lawyers’ tricks to prop up a House of Cards.

Politicians are all corrupt; those few who do initially join to ‘help the people’ either soon get corrupted, or are mulched (weeded) out of the system (before they can significantly reverse the damage).  None are more corrupt than those who are at the very top of American politics; the pinnacle of political expediency; wheeling, dealing and endlessly campaigning; the survivors, incumbents and hardened, indifferent veterans of the process.  Some politicians make the mistake of admitting their own wrong-doings; doing the right thing(s) and others have attempted to whistleblow on the corrupt, venal, mercenary nature of American politics; in effect committing political-suicide by questioning the party and establishment line to an extent which the system is not able to provide sufficient (or any) answer(s) and looks askance thereof (crossing the Maginot line/Rubicon).



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