62 richest people own as much wealth as the poorest 1/2 (3,500,000,000 (3.5 billion) ppl.) of the World.

These 62 richest people have watched their wealth jump ۩ 44% in five years to $1,760,000,000,000 ($1.76 trillion); while the poorest 3.6 bil ppl’s wealth has plunged by 41% during the same five year period.

The three richest men in the world – Bill GatesCarlos Slim Helu and Warren Buffett; have a combined net worth of $230,000,000,000 ($230 bil), according to Forbes.

*The number of people owning as much as the poorer half of the world has dropped from 388 to 62 in five years*

The top 1% of the world’s population controls more wealth than the rest of the world combined. Last year, the average wealth of each of the 72,000,000 (72 mil) adults belonging to the richest 1% was $1,700,000 ($1.7 mil), compared with about $5,000 ($5K) for the 648,000,000 (648 mil) people in the bottom 90%.

The richest 20% of the world’s population together own 94.5% of the world’s wealth. The poorest 80% of the world’s population; just 5.5%.



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