Joe McKeehen (24, •PRO•, PA) overcomes 6,420 players to finish in #1rst place; Wins $7,683,346 ($7.6+ mil).

Joe McKeehen A♥10♦ > 4♦4♣ Joshua Beckley Q♣5♠10♣5♦J♣

Joe spikes a ten dominating Joshua’s pocket-pair of foursdf; Joshua looking for two ♣ cards or another four (and only a four) for a ♣ flush or 3 of a kind (set of ‘trips’) fours; the 5♦ is not a club or a four; the Jack is a ♣ (needs one more ♣) but not a four; and Joe’s pair of tens (with an Ace kicker) is good to win the final hand of the 2015 World Series of Poker (WSOP) main event.

Joe playing perfectly; dominant (and lucky) throughout the final table; no one comes close; personally eliminates 7 players.


Neil Blumenfield (2♦2♥) < (Q♥Q♦) Joe McKeehen 10♥7♥4♣4♠K♠

Joshua (button) opens with a min-raise to 2 million. Joe (sb) reraises to 5.4 million; Neil (bb) moves all in for about 12 million. Joshua folds; Joe quickly calls. And Neil’s deuces are not good enough to beat Joe’s queens.

Neil cashes out in #‎3rd for $3,398,298 ($3.3 mil+).

(sb) = small blind (bb) = big blind

(Tues. 10 November 2015 Day three)


Tom Cannuli (A♠A♣) < (10♦10♥) Max Steinberg J♣10♠6♣Q♦8♠

Ofer Zvi Stern (A♣J♥) < (A♠K♣) Neil Blumenfield 7♥5♠3♦K♦Q♦

Max Steinberg (A♥J♦) < (A♦Q♣) Joe McKeehen 9♦7♣5♠8♣3♦

Tom cashes out in #‎6th for $1,426,283. ($1.4 mil+).  Ofer Zvi Stern cashes out in #‎5th for $1,911,423. Max cashes out in #‎4th for $2,615,361.

In an earlier hand, Ofer Ziv, attempting to put Joshua off his hand with an all-in raise (with 109); misjudges badly; Joshua waking up with two black Aces. Joshua quickly calls; and the board does not improve for either of them.


(Mon. 9 Nov. 2015 Day two)


Patrick Chan (A♦4♥) < (K♠Q♣) Joe McKeehen 10♣6♥5♠3♥9♣

Federico Butteroni (A♥J♣) < (A♠K♠) Joe McKeehan 10♣6♦3♦9♠7♦

Pierre Neuville (A♣J♣) < (J♥6♥) Joe Mckeehan Q♦10♦3♥Q♥10♥

Patrick out in #‎9th for $1,001,020 ($1 mil). Federico out in #‎8th for $1,097,056. Pierre out in #‎7th for $1,203,293. Chipleader Joe Mckeehan adds 14,075,000 to his stack, with (a total of) 91,450,000 (91 mil+) chips; (after being relatively restrained) starts raising 1 mil+ every hand with nearly any 2 cards (i.e. 910, JQ, K10); usually causing most of the table to fold to avoid a confrontation; although Joe actually picks up (and raises) Queens, Ace-King (and A(xs); K(xs)); effectively wielding his overwhelming stack like a club.

Pierre playing well but not so lucky; with Joe making a Runner Runner Jack-high♥ flush on the last hand; losing a pivotal earlier-hands holding Ace King (with a King on the board) against Neil Blumenfield, whose pair of fours spike a four making a set (no Ace Ace or King King for trips or Queen Jack Ten for Broadway); Tom Cannuli with the second nut (King high)♥ flush with (K♥9♥) while Pierre’s QQ makes Broadway on 5th (Ten through Ace); and Pierre’s KQ < A4 (Joe)

Undoubtedly disappointing for the former Pokerstars pro and Hasbro Gaming executive who is recipient of the Global Poker Index’s European Poker Awards’ 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award.

(Sun. 8 Nov. 2015 Day one)


FINAL NINE PAYOUTS (and chip counts):

#1 Joe McKeehen (24, Pennsylvania) $7,683,346 ($7.6 mil+) 192,650,000 chips

#2 Joshua Beckley (25, New Jersey) $4,470,896 (-19,550,000)

#3 Neil Blumenfield (61, San Francisco, California) $3,398,298  (-12,125,000)

#4 Max Steinberg (27, Las Vegas, Nevada) $2,615,361 (-16,800,000)

#5 Ofer Zvi Stern (36, Israel) $1,911,423 (-12,125,000)

#6 Tom Cannuli (23, New Jersey) $1,426,283 (-10,425,000)

#7 Pierre Neuville (72, Belgium) $1,203,293 (-4,800,000)

#8 Federico Butteroni (25, Italy) $1,097,056 (-3,000,000)

#9 Patrick Chan (26, Brooklyn, New York) $1,001,020 (-5,775,000)

PAYOUT: #‎1rst place: $7,680,021 ($7 mil+) #‎2nd: $4,469,171 #‎3rd: $3,397,103 #‎4th: $2,614,558 #‎5th through #‎9th: $1 mil

(FULL payout structure:




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