Couple celebrates lucky €5,300,000 (€5.3 mil) lottery win with Vegas trip.

After playing same numbers for 27 years, quick-pick line lands jackpot for couple.

The (winning) lotto ticket cost €7.50.

The couple have been playing the same numbers since the Lottery began in 1988 but it was an additional quick-pick line that actually secured the win.

‘I included just one line of quick-pick numbers, as insurance, and that’s the line that won,’ says the (anonymous) husband.

‘When I went online on Wednesday night and saw that the numbers were a quick-pick selection, I said to myself ‘I probably have them all.”

He said that when he had stopped shaking after seeing the numbers, he went to the fridge, got a bottle of wine, poured two glasses and gave one to his wife, who was sitting in her pyjamas by the fire.

‘She didn’t know what was happening – (she) thought I’d lost my mind. She must have checked the ticket a thousand different ways before she’d believe we’d won.’

The couple plan to use the €5,300,000 (€5.3 mil) to fund a trip to Las Vegas, support their family and, of course, buy a sports car.

‘I’m definitely buying a two-seat convertible Ferrari. Its been on my bucket list and now it’s time to act.


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