Gambling is wonderful, weird, productive, interesting and suspenseful.

We gamble for the entertainment and for the suspense. Gambling for fun is productive. Gambling professionally is productive. Gambling helps produce the suspense we’re seeking. Movies help produce the escape we’re seeking. Music helps produce the joy we’re seeking. Basketball breaks our boredom and produces happiness. We’re surrounded by things that are productive, my friends — things that we urgently need to live – food, clothes, shelter – and everything else we need to make our lives more-interesting.

We’re not programmed, like ants, purely for efficiency. We’re here to enjoy our lives, and everything that helps us do that is productive. Farming is productive. Carpentry is productive. But, so is playing ball, skating, singing – and, moreover, so is watching an athletic event or listening to music. It’s all productive if it makes our lives happier or more suspenseful.

‘Crazy’ Mike Caro


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