Friends in low-places : When Greed is NOT good; the dirty, convoluted ethics of sinvesting for a Living.

When the economy is good, people spend their money to drink and smoke, and when the economy is not so good, people have more of an excuse to drink and smoke. • Victor Chiu, business development manager at Centaria Properties, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Companies that make up the vice industry – alcohol, tobacco, firearms, adult-entertainment and gambling – can make up a portion of an investment-portfolio as long as the client understands the risk associated involved. • Peter Frawley Sr., vice-president; CoreCap Investments; Southfield, Michigan.

Some of those risks involve knowing the legal landscape. • Aaron LoCascio, CEO, VapeWorld (a company that distributes marijuana vaporizers)

If you’re looking for ethics on Wall Street, not only are you out of luck here, you’re out of luck everywhere. So you want to pass on the evils of alcohol but are willing to buy bank stocks that basically run up billions in fines as the cost of doing business? • Jeff Reeves, executive editor,

We shouldn’t invest in companies that we suspect are breaking the laws of the countries in which they operate. • Charles Sizemore, founder and chief investment officer, Sizemore Capital Management; Dallas, TX



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