Playing Omaha Hi-Lo split ‘8 or better.’

Omaha hold ’em split hi/lo ‘8 or better’ can prove to be immensely profitable (at least, ‘break even,’ with luck) given there is a ‘low’ hand (if there are at least 5 cards with values of 8 or less; i.e. ‘the wheel’ ☆ Ace,2,3,4,5 to 4,5,6,7,8☆) to correspond with the ‘high’ hand. ‘Wraps’ (open-ended straights including of the same-suit (5 ,,, or s, which may give you an Ace, King or Queen high flush)), and drawing to full-houses and 4 of a kinds (‘quads’ ) with ‘sets’ (3 of a kind when you have a pair and a card matching your pair on the board) and two-pairs (i.e. Aces and Kings).


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