Who Hacked Ashley Madison? Who’s ‘Thadeus Zu’ (@deuszu on twitter)?

(*Notice the 2nd tab (from the left) on his browser is open to AC/DC​’s ‘Thunderstruck​” on YouTube​* . July 19th, 2015)

It’s possible that ‘Thadeus Zu’ is ’merely’ a security researcher or confidential informant who has infiltrated the Impact Team and is merely riding on their coattails or acting as their mouthpiece. But one thing is clear: If Thadeus wasn’t involved in the hack, he almost certainly knows who is.

Thadeus Zu’s Facebook​ profile wants people to think he lives in Hawaii; The time zone set on several of his social media accounts is the same as Hawaii. There are a few 3rd-party Facebook accounts of people demonstrably living in Hawaii who tag him in their personal-photos of events on Hawaii, but for the most part, Thaddeus’s Facebook account consists of pictures taken from stock image collections and do not appear to be personal-photos.

A few tweets from ‘Thadeus Zu’ — if truthful and not simply premeditated-misdirection — indicate that he lived in Canada for at least a year, although it’s unclear when this visit occurred.

*Thadeus Zu’s various Twitter​ and Facebook pictures all feature hulking, athletic, and apparently black male models (e.g. he’s using 2 profile photos of male model Rob Evans). But Zu’s real-life identity remains murky at best. The lone exception is an image that appears to be a genuine group-photo taken of a Facebook user tagged as Thadeus Zu, along with an unnamed-man posing in front of a tattoo store with popular Australian, tattoed model/nightclub DJ Ruby Rose.*

On Aug. 17, 2015, 24 hours before news-media started reporting on details of the Ashley Madison hack; ‘Thaddeus Zu; tweets; ‘Times up’ with a link to the leaked information.



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