Ashley Madison sued for emotional, career and financial damage; loss of standing; serious, irreparable injury to reputation in potential class-action lawsuit.

The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles by a man named as ‘John Doe,’ seeks class-action status; accuses Ashley Madison and parent-company Avid Life Media of negligence and invasion of privacy, as well as causing emotional distress; and ‘failing to adequately protect personal and financial information from theft.’ It seeks unspecified damages.

In addition to making ‘extremely personal and embarrassing-information … accessible to the public,’ the data-breach makes personal-details such as addresses, phone-‪#‎s‬ and credit-card information available online; resulting in ‘highly-sensitive’ personal, financial and identifying information of 37,000,000 (37 million) users being exposed; which could have been prevented if Ashley-Madison had taken ‘necessary and reasonable precautions to protect its users’ information, by, for example, encrypting the data.’


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