The irrepressible Jennifer Harman; still a formidable cash game player.

(Getting inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame) would be one of those things that you really want. I have spent most of my life playing poker.

I believe too much has been shared for sure (regarding poker-books and the best players in the World sharing their gaming information). I am a firm believer that people should learn for themselves…

I actually think it’s easier (than when I started; to start out in the poker-world) You have so much information out-there to learn. There are so many videos and people teaching. There is so much down on paper and black-and-white stuff. I believe you can get up there faster. You can go online and search things about poker. Kids are pretty bright right now. They entered the poker world in a different way. Everything is math and calculations and ranges.

In poker, you are making money from other players. If they know too much and become really good, you can no longer make money from them. I believe that there is too much out there. Poker for me is about making money. I am not there to prove anything. It’s my job to make money. I have a family to support. That doesn’t mean I can’t have fun. I love poker and the people I play with, but that’s my objective.

• Jennifer Harman

Card Player


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