Donald Trump : Potential GOP nightmare : ‘I know this game really well. And I’m really rich’

Republicans dreaming of shooing away Donald Trump may want to think twice.

By publicly rebuking the billionaire-businessman for his inflammatory comments, the Republican-party may convince Donald Trump to launch a 3rd-party candidacy. That’s a potential nightmare-scenario for the GOP establishment: a populist-outsider with unlimited-resources attacking their nominee from the right in the general election, raising hell – and attracting votes – with his rhetoric on issues like illegal-immigration.

Attorney Ralph Nader, who has run for president multiple times as a third-party candidate and may have cost Democrat Al Gore the 2000 election by running to his left, says Republicans mishandle Trump at their own peril. ‘The Republican Party establishment is playing with nitroglycerine when it goes after Donald Trump and tries to minimize him and exclude him, because a jilted Donald Trump as a 3rd-party candidate can blow the presidential race wide open and turn it into a three way race.’ • Ralph Nader

The Republican party’s condemnation of Trump is likely to have helped fuel Trump’s unorthodox-campaign.

‘I think the damage is already done to a large extent, All the people who said well, his campaign is over now and blasted him for some of his previous comments, many of which he’s walked back, they already have just pretty much dismissed this guy and the polls are saying otherwise.’ • Bill Hillsman, a political-consultant who has worked for a number of independent-candidates including gubernatorial-races in Massachusetts and Texas.


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