‘PornHub: Make your d*ck bigger’ to ‘it makes your p*ssy wet’ when,women emailed to say they felt left-out.

PornHub: Make your d*ck bigger’ to ‘it makes your p*ssy wet’ when women emailed to say they felt left-out. Got a lot of complaints about the ‘Female Friendly’ category; changed to ‘Content for women.’ A lot of inquiries from men and women interested in becoming porn stars (which looks great on your resume’, I suppose, depending what line of work you’re pursuing; just be sure your kids, family and friends don’t ask weird-questions, like ‘why is your ass and vagina (and/or penis) all over the place?’ (on the internet, on D.V.D., in magazines); and you’re comfortable with it (umm ‘in your own skin’). *Try not to spend TOO much time on Pornhub-type sites (RedTubeYouPornxHamsterXnxx)*

‘In this World, you either work at McDonald’s, or you’re a Stripper’ • ‘Pesach’ Pace Lattin •



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