Game Theory: How to put oneself in someone else’s shoes

I met John Nash for the first time in 1995, a few months after he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, and long before he became a renowned, worldwide celebrity. Although I had not met him before, it was easy to identify him from a distance in the enormous conference hall in Jerusalem. He stood off to the side and alone, casually dressed in shorts and staring down, wide-eyed, at the floor, as if he was trying to calculate how many tiles had been used to cover the expanse beneath his feet.

I. On oneself, costs+benefits and risk+rewards to Self. II. Other(s) and their possible stratagem, holding(s), and agenda(s) III. What other(s) think of what you think of their position(s) IV. Considering what others think of you thinking of them. V. What other(s) think you think about what they are thinking you are thinking.


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