How the Clintons Get Away With It

I have read the Peter Schweizer book *Clinton Cash : The untold story of how and why foreign governments and businesses helped make President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton rich* (It is something. Because it is heavily researched and reported and soberly analyzed; it is a highly effective takedown. Because its tone is modest—Mr. Schweitzer doesn’t pretend to more than he has, or take wild interpretive leaps—it is believable.

By the end I was certain of two things. A formal investigation; from Congress and+or The United States Department of Justice; is needed to determine if Hillary Clinton’s U.S. Department of State functioned, at least to some degree and in some cases, as pay-for-play operation and whether the Clinton Foundation has functioned, at least in part, as a kind of high-class philanthropic slush fund.

I wonder if any aspirant for the presidency except Hillary Clinton could survive such a book.

But I suspect she can because …

*The Clintons are protected from charges of corruption by their reputation for corruption*

• Peggy Noonan is columnist; The Wall Street Journal and served as primary speech writer for Ronald Reagan (cf. The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation ) •


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