The Changing Game of Poker – The LINA WANG JOURNEY

A good poker player lives by his/her own skill and effort. Everything he does is based on his understanding of the game, the odds, playing patterns, player psychology, good strategy, bankroll management (among other similar things).


A ‘new’ kind of poker player (and ever-evolving game) has emerged: youthful (or seemingly so); aggressive (which maybe slightly over-rated); and with a lot of money. Young players below the age of 25 are winning (and losing) over a million dollars a year by playing high stakes online poker. The veterans too, have a place where they canearn a great living without leaving home.

It is not unusual to see games online where the players have $10,000 in front of them with the average pot size being $2,000 to $100,000. Online tournaments frequently have guaranteed prize-pools in the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars with the victorious (few) pocketing $25,000 to $50,000 in one night.  $1,000,000 ($1 million) or million euro tournaments are routine around the globe. Poker video and television are on 24/7 and a bonanza of poker books are on the market; giving every person tips and tricks on how to become a winning player; which offer years, if not a lifetime, of poker wisdom.

Lou Diamond Philips, Jennifer Tilly and a few others play in online poker games (quite often for high stakes). Celebrity TV poker tournaments are quite common and sportspersons and others are all contending for the prize of beating their peers in the ultimate-game. Super athletes have used their aggressive edge and skill to handle pressure and are flourishing in poker games. Sports-figures like Rafael Nadal, Shane Warne and Luis Suarez have entered the fray, lending their name and endorsement to popular online poker sites globally.

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