Meet the ‘Hookers for Hillary’: Why Prostitutes Want Hillary Clinton for President

1 out of every 3 women (30% to 33.333% of women) is, has been, or may be a Prostitute. Over 1,000,000 (1 mil+) people in the U.S. have (admittedly) worked as Prostitutes full-time. (1% to 10% of  (1 out of 10)  Americans may be involved). If this campaign is a success, that could translate into some serious-voting power.

‘The Bunny Ranch entertains customers from all around the globe, and the girls have great-respect for any woman who can take powerful-men from oppressive-cultures and make them bend to her will.’

(photo: Moonlight Bunny RanchCarson City, Nevada #Hookers For Hillary)


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