Karen Hudes – RT’s “Whistleblower” Who Believes World Bank Controlled By Second Species

The Federal Reserve System is printing dollars like there’s no tomorrow. ‘The corporate media’ is owned by a single conglomerate with an interest in maintaining the cover-up because it’s a Ponzi scheme to rip everyone off, every single citizen on this planet.

The group that’s behind the network of control are the Jesuits, and there are also some groups behind them. One of these groups are hominids, they’re not human beings. They are very smart, they are not creative, they are mathematical. They had a much stronger force in the earlier ice-age. They have elongated skulls, they may produce offspring in mating with female humans, but that offspring is not fertile. We live in a world of secret societies, and secrets, and the information that ought to be public is not public.

The mainstream media is completely owned and controlled by the same (private) companies that own the Federal Reserve System… Congress people are all bribed by these corrupt-forces. I’m not siding with Democrats or Republicans because both of those parties have been co-opted by this corruption.

• attorney Karen Hudes, J.D. (http://kahudes.net) is a graduate of Yale Law School and worked in the legal department of the World Bank for more than 20 years.

Source: www.interpretermag.com

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