The Defining Moment, and Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Clinton should make the moral case about power: for taking it out of the hands of those with great wealth and putting it back into the hands of average working people….

‘Grace under Pressure.’ The principle of noblesse’ oblige; to those who much is given; much is expected would apply; as forces apply pressure to Hillary Clinton‘s vaunted (and veteran) experience on the D.C., national, and international scene as a Washington (and elite) insider balanced with Hillary’s long (and jaundiced) eye towards a kind of compassionate conservatism given the dream of equality, fairness as justice, opportunity and access to and distribution of resources which has long roiled in Hillary’s Heart. There is the question of conscience, ethics, and when compromise is necessary to achieve goals, visions, and actions which while not entirely a complete victory for the cause; offer mitigation, and at least spotlight concern.


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