Is someone else getting poorer when I make money?

Answer by Shihab Khan:

Technically yes.

As per our current economic world order (I’m talking about the Fractional Reserve Banking System), all money is created as a debt.

So whatever money you have in your pocket, it’s because someone somewhere in the economy, has taken that money as a debt. As long as you have that money in your pocket, he/she/it won’t be able to repay it back. So technically, the more money you have in your pocket, the more money can’t be repaid. So infact, you’re helping perpetuate the cycle of debt.

I’ll give you another question to think about; can that debt ever be repaid? Now think about the inifinitely growing National Debts.

But all this shouldn’t restrict you from making more money, because more and more money will be injected in the economy as a debt. You’ll always find more and more people willing to take on a debt. But if we stretch the idea thin, yes, the money you’re making is causing someone else to go bankrupt. 😉

Is someone else getting poorer when I make money?

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