What are some things films have led us to believe, that are actually not true?

Answer by Alex Jouravlev:

  • That a spaceship is turning like a jet fighter, with engines firing backwards rather than outwards.
  • That all computer systems have back doors with 3D interface embedded, so all the hacker needs to do to break into, say, a CIA database is to navigate a maze of green-glowing pipes.
  • That money transfer involves a progress bar showing progress in dollars, so interrupting a transfer of $10,000,000 half-way will result in $5,000,000 being transferred.
  • That a man can maintain a chiseled physique without ever exercising, without gym membership, weights or exercise equipment at home etc.
  • That a man can receive massive bare-knuckles punches in the face without loosing teeth or having his jaw broken, as long as he is a good guy.
  • That via a spy satellite you can read the facial expression of a person, read number-plates etc.
  • That all bombs come equipped with a red LED that counts down to 0 seconds, and two wires – red and blue – only one of which can be cut. (h/t to Michael Wolfe)

Will add some more…

Note: According to the answer to What is the resolution of spy satellites?, resolution of a spy satellite is about 10cm – nowhere near enough to read number plates. Yes, when my Quora answer was questioned, I used Quora to find necessary info.

What are some things films have led us to believe, that are actually not true?

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