What are some things films have led us to believe, that are actually not true?

Answer by Erin Paige Law:

• Women working in hospitals or the police-force all get up in the morning, professionally blow-dry their hair and let it swoosh seductively around their faces all day.

•Women can run fast, perform martial-arts moves and climb ladders in heels/pumps.

• Women all have gay-male best-friends that have nothing better to do then listen to them whine about men they have dated and always have fashion-advice for them.

• Women love animals, especially dogs; like to bake cupcakes, drink cocktails and wine + wine coolers *but never beer*, always wear matching underwear-sets, and adore pillow fights in pastel-coloured pyjamas.

• Women are always secretly-waiting for their man to ask them to marry him; they prefer not to discuss these major life-decisions prior to the man actually proposing but will have already decided on the style of wedding anyway.

• Women get wet in the rain making their hair look damp and sexy, their lips shinier, their cheeks more dewy. Mascara does not run, lipstick does not fade.

• Women will emerge from the ocean, walking slowly and gracefully, will not stumble awkwardly as the waves break behind them and they trudge over soft wet sand.

• Women break their waters and have their baby only after a mad disorganised rush to the hospital 15 minutes later.

• Women can be stuck on a desert island, underground, or in outer space and their underarm hair will never grow.

What are some things films have led us to believe, that are actually not true?

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