Are black people biased toward Obama because he’s black?

Answer by Rae Dawn Chong:

Yes, of course and rightly so because he is a shining example of smarts, community service, leadership, and compassion, and he's globally astute and popular. We in the black community needed him. He arrived and conquered at a most desperate time. We are a beautiful mix, a glorious group of people with magnificent ancestry that by a sick twist of fate have spent the last 300 years being squashed, in every way, enslaved, financially held back and murdered. Today we have President Obama whose very presence shines forth our innate beauty and abilities if given a fair chance and support. Thankfully we have this shining example of leadership, grit and grace. All against a monumental amount of pressures and stresses and injustice. I say shame on the people responsible through history all the way to the present.  Denigrating anyone because of their differences is a sin. A tragic sin and despicable. Humanity can do better. Must do better. Obama is loved deeply by the minority few within our community who feel the opposite? I say they are jealous it wasn't them who became our first black President.

Are black people biased toward Obama because he's black?

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