Israel Election Result Complicates Life for Clinton

Mrs. Clinton could face resistance among polarized Jewish Democrats if she is critical of the Israeli leader.


Hillary Clinton; former (U.S.) secretary of state; has long advocated a 2 state solution and once took credit for starting what were then secret-talks for an Iran nuclear deal that Benjamin Netanyahu opposes; is now likely to be under increased pressure from her own (democratic) party to speak-up against against the Israeli-government, which is on edge with Barack Obama. If Hillary criticizes Israel, she risks prompting an influential-segment of more conservative Jewish Democrats to withhold their support from her presidential campaign, or, worse, to defect to a Republican candidate more amenable to Israel 

in 2016.


‘Everyone is now going to have to pick a side,’ says Jeremy Ben-Ami; the president of J Street; a liberal Jewish lobby that has supported Barack Obama’s positions on Israel. This includes Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren, and Nancy Pelosi; women at “the forefront” of the Democratic Party, who will experience ‘more and more pressure.’

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