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Dear Tina; Going to a court (without transportation, I guess you expect me to bus it?) (although I don’t mind walking, the court is located in a ‘shady’ area of town around 8-10 miles north) (and the people in/out of court and jail/detention center which the court is connected with are not the ‘safest’) does not qualify me as having a mental/physical disability which prevents me from working according to a M.D. (neither does going to said courtroom suffice as evidence that I am ‘complying’ with ‘treatment’ (i.e. prescription drugs, Dr. visits, any other conditions such as Alcoholics Anonymous (I feel there are ‘conditions’ that the court would impose on me that I would be required to ‘comply’ with)). I (continue to) maintain that I need a lawyer to represent me in the instant case (this) as well as a number of other matters that may involve constitutional issues. I assert that I have (and continue to experience) serious, irreparable harm/damage to my livelihood (career/job), reputation, and property/person as a result of my allegations (which I am willing and able to name, in detail (many by name/date/circumstance) (much of which I have already spoken with you personally about).

As you know; I have been in court, as an advocate and legal-assistant (paralegal) as well as as defendant and subpoenaed (i.e. ‘suspect’) many thousands of times in the past 25 years alone. I have seen on a brief and sustained basis many hundreds of licensed psychologists, Psy.ds, and licensed social workers (and completed my B.A. in psychology in 1999 (U.H. Manoa) which required me to work at Suicide/Crisis line (I answered the phone at Suicide/Crisis line for many months)). *I have also spoken with (via cell) and visited in-person (for consultation) many 100s of lawyers, paralegals, and advocates on this and other matters.*

As you also know very well… I have spent more than 8 months in various (locked) psychiatric facilities (against my will) straight out of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. (The time spent in these psyche-wards amounts to years when you add it all up); so I have also encountered (and lived with) the rules, and regulations of, and routine abuse and neglect conducted by; the staff and workers at these facilities. (I’ve also visited these facilities and people in them)

I have reason to believe there are many serious civil rights and other violations (inter alia) (‘among other things’) at these locations (and many others, physically and psychically); and that this affects many people (a class), not just myself and my wife, Carol.

I question why, if I qualify for any benefits/class and/or am in a certain category that at this time none of this is in effect? (i.e. hasn’t my case (and Carol’s, and those of many others similarly situated) dragged on and on through the slow wheels of the system and mangled by the jaws of Justice for long enough (to come to resolution?)). I submit this is a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind;’ (sweep it under the rug/cover it up/o.k. ‘case closed/’we tried’/Todd and Carol are ‘noncompliant’ (i.e ‘don’t listen/aren’t following the rules (policy/procedures)) so ‘kick em’ out,’ ‘tough for them,’it’s their fault.’ (again, this pertains to myself, my wife, Carol and many others similarly situated)

I have witnessed, or know of these things firsthand (and not from hearsay). I am willing to testify to all of this in a court of law. I am of sound mind and body. This statement is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Respectfully submitted;

Todd Akira Morikawa 1.702.751.1112 (I return all messages and usually answer direct-calls if I know you) (http://dailycaller.com/…/Capitol-Building-at-Night-Washingt… )


Sunday, 22 March, 2015 10:00 A.M. PST


*Please respond to this in the manner in which it is intended; i.e. forthrightly, honestly, and as is proper and just under law; common, statutory, civil/criminal, and international. *

www.bazelon.org The Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law1.202.467.5730 (TDD: 1.202.467.4232) (Fax. 1101 15th Street, NW (Suite 1212) Washington, D.C., 20005) communications@bazelon.org

www.ndrn.org 1.202.408.9514 (FAX 1.202.408.9520) (TTY: 1.202.408.9521) (820 1rst Street, NE, Suite 211, Washington D.C., 20002


www.treatmentadvocacycenter.org 1.703.294.6001 (or 1.703.294.6002) . (FAX) 703-294-6010 Treatment Advocacy Centerinfo@treatmentadvocacycenter.org (200 N. Glebe Road, Suite 730; Arlington, VA 22203)

cc : Jan-Erik Börje Gaines

bcc :  James X Nelson, Crystal Meade, Jennifer A Hill, Luana R. Lo Presti, J.D., Hannah Miyamoto, J.D., Ariel Ricker, J.D., Andre Wooten, J.D., Daphne Barbee-Wooten, J.D., Aluli Hayden Attorney At Law, Poka Laenui, J.D., (re: Laulani Teale, Pono Kealoha); The United States Department of Justice, Supreme Court of the United States.

IN : https://www.facebook.com/tinapennballi/posts/10206356688065741 

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