How does Alex Lightman know Elon Musk?

Answer by Alex Lightman:

Paying my dues, being rated 'one of the best' in a group with access, and telling enough people he was the no. 1 person in the world I most wanted to meet.

For the last five years, I have been a mentor with Founder Institute. Every mentor is rated, on a scale of 1 to 10, every time you make a presentation to the two dozen or so founders. Last time I asked, I was the second highest rated mentor in Founder Institute LA, and one of the "Global 100".

As it turns out, this actually matters, because, by a miraculous coincidence, the founder of Founder Institute, Adeo Ressi, was a college roommate at the University of Pennsylvania with (you guessed it) Elon Musk.

Occasionally Adeo will go see Elon, and sometimes Adeo will take some fortunate FI founders for a dream field trip to meet Elon. The director of FI LA was given two slots to bring mentors, and she invited the top two rated mentors. Since I was one of those, I got the intro.

Our time with Elon was extended to almost half a day, and, by reading my other answers, you can almost recreate the whole discussion.

How do I remember it so well? Well, I think it's better to ask forgiveness than permission, and I just held out my iPhone and videotaped hours of the discussion.

Elon was gracious enough to give us the tour of SpaceX, and also introduced us to Kevin Levine, the writer and producer of the Bioshock games. Elon's personal assistant said these were Elon's favorite games, and through discussions with both Levine and Musk together at the same time, which I was pinching myself about because I am a huge Bioshock fan and have played all three games and their DLC add ons, I got the bigger picture of what Elon's "long game" is with respect to SpaceX and making a new civilization.

It's not directly part of the question, but I want to emphasis that I have read, played, and been inspired, in exactly the same way, from exactly the same things, as Elon has, and know some of the people he knows, and I've been to other occasions where Elon has spoken in person, so it wasn't just a matter of meeting him, it about meeting a kindred soul, which is what I had suspected, but felt that I could only confirm in person. I have met many famous celebrities, politicians, CEOs, and billionaires. I just haven't met one like Elon Musk.

I have heard many people say they want to meet Elon Musk.

My experience is that, just as you cannot simply walk in Mordor, you cannot simply meet the person more people want to meet than any other. You have to earn the meeting by doing something that makes a close friend or associate of Elon determine that Elon will gain something useful from the encounter to get that introduction. Or be part of group that's getting a tour of SpaceX or Tesla's giant factory/offices in Downey, California. Or both.

Since I am the only one who knows these details, if this doesn't qualify as a "Best Source" answer on Quora, I don't know what answer will!

How does Alex Lightman know Elon Musk?

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