Why are people satisfied with being mediocre?

Answer by Michael Daconta:

Over time and in response to years of opposition, obstacles and struggle, they give up.  Sadly, they give up that spark they had in childhood.  I believe everyone begins with a spark – you see it in every kid on the playground.  That spark of energy, enthusiasm, exuberance; that spark of creativity; that spark of ambition; and maybe, maybe even a spark of divinity.  But early in their childhood, especially when they enter school, that spark and their enthusiasm comes under attack.  Attack from critical parents;  attack from other students;  attack from bullies;  attack from the jealous or worse, evil;  and even attack from the harshness of reality because life is difficult.  Attaining skills to succeed is hard, and the competition is always increasing.  So, that small spark flickers and dims under these harsh winds of opposition.  So, they begin to silence it with layers of fear, doubt and uncertainty.  They silence the small voice by being “practical” and “realistic” so that they can no longer be hurt.  They silence those dreams and ambitions and resign themselves to meandering and “getting by”.  They resign themselves to doing the bare minimum to get by and instead drown themselves in quick fixes and instant gratification.  They drown themselves in food, easy sex and drugs.  They escape, they cover, and they reduce the scope of their life to muddling through to that next quick-fix. This is the essence of giving up.  It is sad, because some choose another path – some nurture a spark into a roaring bonfire that cannot be extinguished by others.  Those are the people we admire.  So, simply put, DON’T EVER GIVE UP.  Flame on, little spark, flame on.

Why are people satisfied with being mediocre?

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