Asian-Americans will soon be wealthiest Americans

The growing national concern about economic inequality raises many questions. One has to do with demographic groups. Are some doing better than others? If so, exactly why?


Whites and Asian-Americans are doing a lot better than Hispanics and African-Americans on indices of finance, education, and upward-mobility. 

Whites median-income/yr is $130,102 to $134,008; Asian-Americans; $64,165 to $94,440; Hispanics; $9,229 to $13,900; and Blacks are on the lowest-rung of the socio-economic ladder; making just $7,736 to $11,184/yr (from 1989 to 2013)

Promoting what Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, calls a  ‘right to rise,’ reducing inequity happens largely though people making better-choices; improving their decisions.  

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