Who is the most intelligent person ever?

Answer by Alex Lightman:

Me, assuming I get the surgery scheduled for this May 2015 to install a direct neural connection to a fiber optic nervous system and unlimited subscriptions as an alpha test subject for each new nootropic that's coming out, and, as contractually agreed, have the smartest brain scientists and cognitive scientists continue to test me for several hours a day with increasingly demanding, complex and challenging puzzles that involve visualization and manipulation, via augmented reality within sensor-studded virtual environment allowing full use of Milgram's Reality Continuum, of n-dimensional visualization tools, such as this:
Additionally, this also assumes that I continue making exponential improvement in my brain via
1. Neurogenesis, using the Van Praag protocols.
2. Angiogenesis.
3. Mitochondrial biogenesis.

There are other factors, but these are all that I can say without a non-disclosure agreement and a top secret clearance as well as "need to know".

Who is the most intelligent person ever?

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