Aussie Millions: Marsha Waggoner Runner-Up and Maria Ho 5th in HORSE Event | PokerWomenNews

The women down under have come off to a great start at the Aussie Millions. First Xuan Liu finished runner-up in a 6-max NL event for $71,500 and today the final table of the $2,500 HORSE event, that saw Marsha Waggoner and Maria Ho among the final five standing, played down to a champion. Even though the event only had 37 entries the competition was tough, which the final table reflected. Jonas Mackoff had just made the final table of an 8-game event a few days before and Jan Suchanek has several mixed games titles under his belt. The odds of winning were not exactly in Ho’ and Waggoner’s favor as they were both short stacked entering the final table: Seat 1: Maria Ho – 15,900 Seat 2: Jonas Mackoff – 207,400 Seat 3: Trung Tran – 25,600 Seat 4: Jan Suchanek – 139,600 Seat 5: Marsha Waggoner – 56,000 Unfortunately Ho was the first player to be eliminated in a round of stud vs Waggoner. On fifth street Ho was all in with a pair of nines (:Tc :9h)(:8s :5c :9c) vs. Waggoner’s deuces (:9s


Marsha Waggoner (Professional Poker player, Las Vegas, Nevada) finishes in 2nd place in Aussie Millions tournament; with Aces and Kings K♣️ K♦️ A♠ A♣️ to Jonas Mackoff’s three fours 4♥️ 4♣️ 4♠ .

Maria Ho finishes in 5th, with a pair of nines 9♥️ 9♣️ not able to beat Marsha’s deuces and nines. 9♠ 2♠ 2♦️ 9♦️ (nine of clubs which Marsha picks up on 6th street with Maria all-in on the earlier street).

S. (Seven-card stud ) 

(23 January 2015) 

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