Psychology of Sharing: 20+ Facts about Social Sharing

Anyone who does a study that can give insight inside the reasons why people do the things they do online has my attention. When the New York Times does a study that analyzes the psychology of sharing in the age of social media, it’s time to grab a cup of coffee and take a good look at what they have to say. Not surprisingly, the number one reason people share things online is value & entertainment (tie). That is just one of many brilliant insights shared through an excellent infographic created by StatPro below. Be sure to scroll down beneath it for over 20 ready-to-tweet stats that load directly into your Buffer or your Twitter feed with the click of a button! The Psychology of Social Sharing [Infographic] 6 Types of Social Sharers Here is a fun way to look at the 6 different types of people who share content on social media to give you a better idea of their emotional motivations for sharing. 1. Hipsters These sharers are creative, young and popular but less likely than other sharers to use email for sharing content. 2. Careerist These sharers are savvy business networkers and are more likely to share […]


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