Study shows Facebook unfriending has real life consequences

Unfriending someone on Facebook may be as easy as clicking a button, but a new study from the University of Colorado Denver shows the repercussions often reach far beyond cyberspace.


• If the person discussed the event after it happened.

• If the emotional response to the unfriending was extremely negative.

• If the person unfriended believed the action was due to offline behavior.

• The geographical distance between the two.

• If the troubled relationship was discussed prior to the unfriending.

• How strong the person valued the relationship before the unfriending.


(Predictors as to whether someone will continue to avoid a person who unfriended them (in the future)).


○ Women said they would avoid contact more than men.


• Frequent, unimportant posts.

• Polarizing posts usually about politics or religion.

• Inappropriate posts involving sexist, racist remarks

• Boring everyday life posts about children, food, spouses, pets, etc. 


(4 reasons why people are unfriended on Facebook)

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