Politics brings out true depth of Facebook ‘friending’

Sean Bergan has witnessed the turbulent confluence of a heated presidential race and the free-wheeling world of social media.

Source: phys.org

The ease with which people can just hit the button and cut off other people; that’s an absolute threat. There’s no question that it can be habit-forming and carry over into our offline relationships.

What makes a democracy work is this thing that Socrates calls ‘parrhesiah,’ the ability to speak truth to each other in public… You need a friend who will listen to you, and you need the courage to speak and the courage to hear.

Aristotle writes about how friendships hold states together; and defined a friend as someone who is honest with you and imagines you as the best version of who you really are. But in the social media realm, that becomes difficult to achieve when ‘it’s so easy psychologically to wipe out a friendship.’

Does social media enable you to have more friends, but then allows them to be more disposable, more quickly? 

– That would be a Tragedy.

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